Old life insurance is crazy complicated, and most people have no clue how to navigate this complex landscape. And understandably so. From the very basics of understanding the need for a particular benefit, to how much coverage you need, to the gibberish-sounding medical definitions, to the hundreds of different benefits on offer across the industry- traditional life insurance is not simple.

While it's easy to sit back and design a product that continues with this trend, we wanted to change this and create a product and process that was simple, quick, and easy.

To do this, we built advanced AI and smart tech that allows you to take out a policy online without having to scroll through hundreds of websites to understand what you need, how much you need, and how the premium compares to other similar products in the market.

You get a quote in seconds and a completely personalized AI-powered policy for your financial needs and family situation. We even tell you what your level of protection is depending on the type and how much cover you select. Plus, your policy automatically adjusts each year in line with your changing financial needs (your levels of debt, number of financial dependants, occupation, salary, and 25+ other personalized factors), so it's not just easy upfront, it's easy over time too.

It's not easy to make life insurance simple, but we're using smart tech and powerful AI to make it quick and painless, so you can spend time on the things that matter most (which is not spending weeks applying for life insurance).

If you want to find out more or talk to a financial adviser, then simply visit www.onespark.co.za and get a quote in seconds!