Everyone thinks life insurance is crazy expensive. But in reality, using smart technology and powerful AI, we’re helping our clients save up to 50% on average compared to traditional life insurance products, with a 30-year-old male paying as little as R100 per month for R1 Million Cover*. The result is that getting life insurance is actually one of the cheapest types of insurance you can get.

As an example, with OneSpark, every R1 in premium gets you over R20 400 in Life Cover and R32 200 in Disability Cover . In contrast, every R1 in premium for your cell phone insurance only gets R105 cover*, while R1 in home insurance gets you only R714 cover*.

That means that you get 28 times the amount of coverage for every rand that you spend on life insurance compared to other types of insurance!

Combining this with the fact that life insurance is the only insurance that you are guaranteed to need (because we all die eventually), life insurance seems like a no-brainer.

In fact, the average South African professional can pay for their life insurance needs by simply cutting out coffee. Research indicates that the average professional worker drinks two coffees a day. At R30 a cup, that's over R1 800 a month spent on coffee alone*. For R1 800 at OneSpark, a 30-year-old professional male can get R13 Million Life Cover, R13 Million Disability Cover, R3 Million Illness Cover and R100 000 Income protection*. Now, what seems like a better use of that money?

If you want to find out more or talk to a financial adviser, then simply visit www.onespark.co.za and get a quote in seconds!

*Assuming 8% salary inflation until age 65 and a risk discount rate of 10%. Premiums are risk profile dependant and subject to change. Comparisons were made on a like-for-like basis against major insurers as at June 2021. Internal OneSpark research. Premiums are risk profile dependant, subject to change & are not guaranteed. Assuming a 21 year old female professional, SE class 1, non-smoker. Mobile phone insurance taken from publicly available online sources and assuming an apple iPhone 13 pro. Home insurance is taken from publicly available online sources and assuming a house with R1 million. https://bit.ly/348Txxl