Have your life insurance premiums escalated unsustainably? Is it quicker to go around the world than it is to change your policy? Are you fed up with your life insurance provider? Well then, we have a solution for you. You can switch, and may well SAVE BIG on your cover, in just minutes with OneSpark. Here’s how.

1. Get a OneSpark Quote and see how much you can save today!

Head over to www.onespark.co.za and get yourself a quote in 10 seconds. Our other happy clients are saving up to 50%* on their premiums!

We offer a range of benefits to suit all your financial needs, from Pay-As-You-Need life and disability cover that automatically adjusts as your financial needs change, to powerful severe illness cover that pays out up to 200%* if you suffer a severe illness to help you access advanced medical treatment around the world, to dynamic income protection that protects your income with tech powered cover that adjusts with your income and promotional increases.

If you need assistance while completing your quote, message our agents on our live-chat and they will walk you through the quote.

2. Activate your new policy in minutes without medical tests!

We created a world first AI-powered only underwriting model that assesses your health while performing a dynamic Financial Needs Analysis for you at the same time. This not only means you can activate your cover of up to R10 Million without time-consuming medical tests, but our algorithms also tell you exactly how much and what type of cover you need to be fully protected.

While going through the short questions, you will be asked if you are replacing an existing life insurance policy with this OneSpark policy. Simply click ‘Yes’ and say that you are replacing it with this newer plan.

When cancelling or replacing an existing policy, just make sure you are aware of the differences between your old cover and the policy you are replacing it with as there may be differences in the terms and conditions, benefits, fees, charges, premiums and waiting periods. For assistance here, follow the next step below.

After you have selected your cover, simply select your desired start date and click ‘pay’.

3. Cancel your existing life insurance product

After you have activated your new AI-Powered Life Insurance policy from OneSpark, simply email your existing life insurance provider and inform them that you wish to cancel your existing policy. It’s that simple. If they give you any issues, well, that’s just another reason to switch to OneSpark.

4. Prefer to contact us and ask for some assistance?

If you would prefer assistance with this process and to help you understand the difference between your old product and your new OneSpark policy, you can request for a financial adviser to assist you. For assistance:

  • Message us on our live chat function and ask to talk to an advisor, or
  • Call us on 010 590 3266, or
  • Email hello@onespark.co.za.

And that’s it; you should be all set and on your way to a simpler, easier, and a more transparent life insurance product designed to put you and your needs above all else!

. . .

*Ts and C’s apply. OneSpark is an authorised FSP (50594). Underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited, a licensed life insurer and FSP (76). Life Insurance premiums are risk profile dependant, subject to change and are not guaranteed. Premium comparisons done on a like for like comparisons against most major insurers on 1 January 2022. Any claim payment will only be made for valid claims and where terms and conditions are met. Medical tests may be required depending on your answers to the medical and financial information asked during the application process. For more information and full terms and conditions, visit www.onespark.co.za.